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Start of quarter 3

Here starts the third quarter of my first-year master. Is is also high time that we should  find internships. I wish everyone can find an ideal intern. Good luck to myself as well.


Intern and thesis project

Both TU Delft and our faculty EEMCS organize career events for CV checking, in-house days and company interview. From March to May, it is a busy time for students to seek for internship and thesis project opportunities. I am also engaged in these events and I really hope that everyone would get their ideal place. By the way, this quarter I take 4 courses plus Dutch Elementary 2. I am struggling crazily with these 23 credits and hopefully I will survive.

Indonesian Night

Recently, many cultural activities are hold at TU Delft sports center in an attempt to make all students with different nationalities well-blended. I joined one of them namely Indonesian Night on 26 February. There are traditional dances and wonderful cuisines. In particular, my friend also participated in the dance. Here is the photo for memory:

Indonesian Night Dance

Trip to Italy during Spring Break

Yes! One of the reasons to study in TU Delft is that you can get easy access to any EU countries without applying for visa again. Not like in the UK. Reservations for flights and hotels and that’s it. Here are some amazing pictures from Venice Carnival, Florence, Vatican museum and my favourite city in Italy — Rome!!! There is awesome food, drinks, basilicas, and of course the views!!! And finally, happy Valentine’s Day!!

IMG_2177 IMG_1938 IMG_2129 IMG_2122 IMG_1936 IMG_1897 IMG_1899 IMG_2116 IMG_2468 IMG_2214


During Exam Period

One academic year of TU Delft consists of 4 quarters. Recently, from 8 Jan to 29 Jan, it is the exam period of quarter 2. Everytime when it is a exam period, our TU Delft Library kindly extends the opening hours from 8 am to 2 am instead of closing at 12 ‘o clock at night. During exam period, if you come late, you find it difficult to find a place in the library. So, in case of desperation to find a seat, get up earlier and come earlier!

TUD library plan view

                   TUD library plan view

Happy New Year

Good bye 2015 and hello 2016! The past 4 months in TU Delft are flying away. The study and general life in TU Delft and Delft is growing on me! On one hand, I definitely made a wise decision to transfer to embedded systems. Combined with electronics knowledge, I am widely exposed to computer architecture and software programming. This major has widen my vision and believe it nor not, I would say it opens a new world in front of me. Nevertheless, there are 4 quarters in the Netherlands, which is a challenge as you would have to face 4 exam periods. However, that is when you push yourself forward hard, right? At the beginning you may find it a bit difficult to overcome a pile of assignments, labs and reports. But I believe everyone would find a way out after the first quarter and really earn themselves a lot of knowledge and other treasures. And there are friends, seniors and our department around you. If you are interested in going beyond  electrical engineering, embedded systems here in TU Delft would be a worthwhile choice.

First days in TU Delft

My name is Qiaoqiao Li. I am doing my first-year Master in Embedded Systems. I got two bachelor degrees in Electrical Engineering both from China and Edinburgh University. I chose embedded systems in TU Delft to further my study because this major provides a soft and perfect transfer from electrical department to software area.

I remembered I was so welcomed as soon as I arrived at Schiphol Airport. I was sent directly to my apartment by a nice ‘student driver’ and started my colourful master kickoff. There are so many interesting and useful activities, such as city rally, used bicycle selling and practical presentations. The most unforgettable one is the 3-day trip to Zeeland. That was a great chance to enjoy the beautiful sightseeing at the beach and to acquaint with new friends. What’s more, our campus also embraces the essence of architecture and no wonder it is said to be one of the prettiest campuses in the world!

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